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Temp to cook a turkey : Selling cookies from home : Double chocolate oatmeal cookie recipe.

Temp To Cook A Turkey

temp to cook a turkey

Father's Day Turkey Fry

Father's Day Turkey Fry

Fry turkey fry!

We've done the whole turkey's in the past, always come out great...

But this time we cooked two ~6lb turkey breasts... and of course AFTER going thru the whole thing I realized that there are different processes for parts vs. whole birds... unfortunately some parts came out /well/ done on the outside and a few parts were pink on the inside, had to work a little kitchen magic to finish off those parts

I think the big problem was the basket, we normally use the skewer device for a whole bird... I think if I had used the skewer w/ the basket it would have been better because it keeps the turkey up at least 1/2" - 1" from the bottom of the pan -- my basket in this shot lets the turkey rest on the bottom of the pot, this is no good, burns whatever part is at the bottom

It's a lot easier to go over temp on an 80* sunny June day then it is to keep minimum temp on a 35* rainy thanksgiving day! :^)

Now I need to make a freecycle post to get rid of the used oil... I don't save it, I'm too lazy/worried about straining/etc... we only use this every 5-7 months at the most, so for $20 at costco I just buy a new 35lb jug each time.

I should torchon it, or Sousvide it.. Nah fuck it!

I  should torchon it, or Sousvide it.. Nah fuck it!

After the Foies have been cleaned, I seasoned the inside outside with S&P, douced them with Armagnac, Dessert wine, and marinated overnight.

Preheat the oven to 350F, set up your mise en place, .. ESPECIALLY the icebath... If you don't cool down the Foie after it's cooked, you are fucked!

Drain the marinade, and throw that puppy( I mean Liver) into the oven. stir gently, every 4~5 minutes, making sure that it's not sticking/burning.

I should really use a thermometer, but I stick my ol' pinkie(Settle down) to test the temp. it should be a little warmer than your bodytemp. Beyond that, it will curdle, and turn grainy-bitter. So be careful!

temp to cook a turkey

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